The raw mill technology - vertical mill transformation

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Published: 03rd August 2012
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Tube mill production program
First, the major components of the technological transformation
A vertical mill chute location transformation

Status quo

The lm series vertical mill base casting construction and feeding floor position causes the vertical mill chute angle of deviation in the installation of the equipment, now can not be changed. Vertical roller mill from the pre-production began, the large vibration of the host, often the vibration stop jumping. To protect the safety of equipment and production of continuous operation, after repeated technical innovation after the demonstration.

Technological transformation

Population will be within the vertical roller mill feed chute to extend the technological transformation. Taking into account the sticky humidity and particle size change of the material, the original chute down to extend the export side to rise, the original material point advancing to the disc center, so that the material cutting direction and force to the disc fabric position blanking point.


Alleviate mill abnormal vibration caused due to the fabric of uneven grinding track is more reasonable, thereby increasing the grinding efficiency of the material. The mill vibration decreased from 2.2-3.4mm / s to 1.4-2.2mm / s.

2, the powder within the cylinder to extend the technological transformation

raymond mill of the original design back to the powder within the cylinder and the disc space of places is relatively high rise in the center of negative pressure disorder caused by the air swirl nozzle ring, separator separator back to the feed meal was the second band from the mill differential pressure higher circulating meal volume increased, the powder leaves the wear and over-grinding phenomenon grinding, classifying efficiency is poor.

Technological transformation

To make meal of the inner loop to collect as much as possible back on the disc again grinding qualified powder, reduce the number of cycles of the material in the mill, the original location of the tube mouth down plus the actual space within the mill.

Differential pressure drop within the mill, the powder speed, power consumption has declined and the mill production increased to about 20t / h.

3, the scraper cavity scraper head technological transformation

Status quo

Vertical mill spit residue circulating a large amount of non-uniform particle size, plus iron raw slag ingredients, the scraper head wear and tear of scraper chamber is very serious. The life cycle of a new scraper head is only about two weeks, the wear and tear of scraper with material cycle to reduce the effective spit residue, the main motor load is relatively high, and replace the scraper head can cause human and material waste and The extension of the maintenance time.

Technological transformation

Paste the UP board sided in scraper head to increase the abrasion resistance and overall strength of the scraper.


By the transformation of the life cycle of the scraper head greatly increased from about 2 weeks to 3 months or more, which saves a lot of maintenance time, while saving manpower, material, and effectively improve the mill's operating cycle .
Second, the process optimization measures
Optimization of a nozzle ring cover

Vertical Mill adjustment of the size and location of nozzle ring cover is an important means of vertical mill production process, location and area of cover reasonable laying greatly improved the working conditions of mill production and reduce the wear of the roll grinding parts. Conch bimodal in the trial production stage, have been groping to adjust gradually stabilized into the grinding material, combined with the transformation of the unloading point, the vertical mill cloth, material thickness is maintained in a better situation to improve the mill production relatively stable in 450t/h-480t/h. The stability of the material layer to reduce the rolling phenomenon of the roller and the disc friction material fluctuations uneven bimodal vertical mill run more than a year, roller leather wear MAX: 7mm disc wear MAX: 13mm.

2, vertical mill spit slag cycle to increase iron removal device

Bimodal the conch iron raw materials used slag ingredient, crystalline iron in the slag material more and more wrapped in the material, iron removal device of the original process design is difficult to remove the iron slag mill cycle can easily result in: a. grinding body parts wear increased;
b, vertical mill units producing low (iron slag mill cycle), the main motor current high;
c, mill operation cycle is short, must be 3-4 days efflux spit residue, raw material waste, pollution of the environment;
d, production safety hazards and more.

According to the actual situation in the cycle of vertical mill spit slag (1307 into the grinding belt head) increase the magnetic separation of an iron slag iron removal process, an increase of a set of devices in addition to the iron. After installation, the vertical mill spit residue never efflux, grinding body parts wear declined, vertical grinding units, production increased significantly, the main motor current dropped to below average 340A from the original 400A above.

Third, the management measures to be effective
A rational organization of ball mill, effective use of peak and valley electricity

In accordance with the provisions of the TOU billing developed by the local power sector, the rational organization of production and keep the mill high and stable yield, under the homogenizing silo level higher status in a timely manner for off-peak production. Vertical mill cycle overhaul all the arrangements at the time of peak power, effectively reduces the cost of electricity.

2, system plugging work

Check the system carefully and in a timely manner, plugging and repair of leakage and wear points of the system in a timely manner. : Into the 1604 electricity collecting duct weld rupture welding repair, zipper flange connections and duct expansion joint air leakage blockage exchange bellows leakage leaking point processing. 1618, the main motor current is decreased about 15-20A.

3, optimization of process operating parameters, and strengthen the energy saving management in the production process

Material system with the seasons and the incoming particle size, humidity changes, have to do to adjust operating parameters in the control, three shifts unified operation ideas, more technical exchanges, vertical mill indicator parameters to be taken into full consideration the comprehensive adjustment.

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